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About Arcanoms Game


Arcanoid Brick Breaker Retro Game & Popular Game

Arcanoms - Arcanoid Brick Breaker is a game in one, both Retro Game & Popular Game.

The Retro Game contains 54 levels.

The Popular Game also includes 54 levels.

The retro game is simpler and limited by time. It is a nostalgic period game.

The popular game is the version that appeals to many more today, including bonuses such as time increase and decrease,
pedal growth and contraction, ball growth and contraction, score increase and decrease, and the safety barrier that prevents ball loss, being active and passive.

There is a level lock system in the game.

After each level is passed, the next level becomes active.

If desired, the levels played in the past can be played repeatedly.

From the Settings section of the game, volume controls, background sound, effect sounds, button sounds can be reduced and reproduced.

The speed of the game ball can be adjusted.

If all chapters are passed, if desired, all chapters are reset with the Reset Chapters button and the points earned are saved on the Scoreboard. Then Retro and Popular games can be started from scratch.


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